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Christmas Truce Memorial

“A ball appeared from somewhere…” – The story of the Christmas Truce football match, 1914

Christmas Eve, 1914. Frost settles as the day’s rain begins to dissipate. As darkness falls on the trenches of the Western Front, the front lines of what was then called The Great War. It was unusually quiet. Later, instead of the near constant sound of shelling the soldiers had been used to, a new sound […]

RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig youth focus an exciting antidote to the hate

RB Leipzig’s model make them arguably the most hated club in Germany, but it’s not all bad, writes Sam McGuire, with a look at the club’s youth strategy and exciting emerging talent… RB Leipzig are, rightly or wrongly, the most hated club in Germany. They go against everything a traditional German club stands for. They’re viewed […]

Hull City Stadium

Hull City and the Anatomy of a Crisis Club. How did it get to this?

So what on Earth is going on at Hull City, then? Adam Boufkir takes a look at the crisis club who stunned the champions on matchday one… Generally it is no surprise to see the three promoted teams start any Premier League season as favourites for relegation. However, whilst Middlesbrough have flexed their financial muscles […]

European Union Brexit

Why Brexit is a major threat to the Premier League… and how MLS and European clubs can profit

by Clement Williams On June 23rd, Britain voted to leave the European Union, thus changing the landscape of finance across the football world. Before the vote, the colossal financial prowess of the English Premier League loomed over continental Europe, spreading a growing sense of financial impotence. The inevitability of vast dispossession of talent by English clubs had […]

EU Brexit

How will Brexit change English football? 5 Key Questions Answered after Britain votes to leave EU

by Councillor Thom Goddard, Portfolio Holder for Sport, Uttlesford District Council The consequences of England exiting the 2016 European Championships has been severe for the players and everyone at the FA after losing to lowly Iceland in the second round. Leaving the European Union, after the Brexit vote passed with a majority, will equally have consequences but […]

FC Crotone

An Underdog’s Triumph: Fabulous FC Crotone promotion highlights Italy’s north-south divide

by Franco Ficetola With their late-April draw against Modena, FC Crotone mathematically gained their first-ever promotion to Serie A. Raffaele Palladino’s historic goal for the club succeeded in restoring to Italy’s top flight a piece of Calabria, a region that has had no exponents in Serie A since Reggina’s relegation in 2009. Crotone’s success was really quite extraordinary […]

Dimitri Payet

Bye, Bellerin! Peace out, Payet! Five ways Brexit could change English football forever

The referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union, known as Brexit, is set to be a major political talking point in the coming months. But how would it effect football? Councillor Thom Goddard, Portfolio Holder for Sport, Uttlesford District Council, offers Just Football his take… The implications of remaining or leaving the European […]

Xherdan Shaqiri Stoke

Xherdan Shaqiri to Stoke and how the Premier League became the new NBA… and why it’s dangerous

Jonathan Fadugba reports on how the Premier League’s financial muscle is starting to have damaging consequences abroad… “I do not understand (Xherdan) Shaqiri’s move to Stoke at all. You have been badly advised if you go there. You have to ask yourself where you can reach your sporting goals as a footballer. That should be […]


Why Blackpool legend Ian Holloway should think twice about rejoining England’s biggest crisis club

Last Monday, Ian Holloway hinted that he would be up for retaking the Blackpool job, to a mixed reaction, to say the least. While some fans would welcome him back with open arms, others want nothing less than club chairman Karl Oyston removed and any talk of a Holloway return to be swept aside until […]