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Are Leverkusen title contenders? Six key questions for the Bundesliga season after Matchday One

by Jack Dowell The Bundesliga 2014/15 got underway this weekend and wasted no time in restoring last season’s breathtaking entertainment as records were smashed, history was made and shocks and surprises sprung up across Germany’s stadia. Here are six opening day head-scratchers that will provide overriding themes in Germany this season: Will it be a […]

Bundesliga Matchday 6: Mainz and Dortmund's Winning Philosophy

Bundesliga Matchday 6: Mainz and Dortmund’s Winning Philosophy

Since moving to Germany, your humble Bundesliga correspondent has witnessed a number of strange phenomena. Walrus moustaches and sock-plus-sandal combinations immediately spring to mind. But perhaps the strangest thing so far occurred on Saturday during Bundesliga matchday 6: Bayern Munich’s Dutch coach Louis van Gaal was sat on the bench, speechless, looking not quite sure […]