African Cup of Nations 2008: Observations

Côte d’Ivoire are the best team in the competition Nigeria were not very impressive in their opening group game against the Elephants, but they were not that bad either. Tactically Berti Vogts made some odd decisions (Yakubu operating down the left hand side? Kanu as a roaming midfielder??) but one obvious lapse aside they defended […]

Not the Usual Suspects, but off to Wembley regardless

‘And like that…*pfff*…he was gone.’ Verbal Kint is referring to other matters entirely when he utters this defining quote in The Usual Suspects, but the abruptness he so skilfully captures with that gesture could just as easily be describing the cathartic release of tension experienced by Tottenham fans at White Hart lane after the 5-1 […]

African Cup of Nations 2008 Preview: Group D

Group D Angola Senegal South Africa Tunisia It is now tantalisingly close. Just four days before Ghana kick off the 2008 African Cup of Nations with their game against Guinea in Accra let us now cast our eyes over the final quartet, in Group D. If Group B is considered the ‘Group of Death’ then […]

African Cup of Nations 2008 Preview: Group B

Group B Benin Ivory Coast Mali Nigeria When the draw for the competition was made back in October, Group B was immediately tagged the ‘Group of Death’ and on closer inspection it is not hard to see why. Côte d’Ivoire will make their 17th appearance in the tournament and are thought well-equipped to make it […]

On a Roll to Managerial Stardom?

It is a ritual almost as old as time itself. One that instantly drums up interest, one that immediately stirs up rumour and counter-rumour. The breeding ground of gossip and the instigator of all manner of speculation. Before a manager has even had the chance to take down his family photos, clear up his clutter […]