The Vodka Messi, The Rooney, El Pistolero… 7 recipes if footballers were cocktails

Football and Cocktails

Despite absolutely madcap reports of snow in April in the UK, springtime is (supposedly) here and the summer is coming.

That means festivals, nice weather, sitting out in the sun in fields trying to make sense of the latest bands. Sunscreen. Cool shades. Cocktails. With Euro 2016 and the Copa America on the horizon, it also means football. Lots of football.

We got to thinking about the latter two on Just Football. With Leicester turning the Premier League upside down this season, a Pimms or simple Tom Collins just won’t cut it in this climate of chaos. The form guide has been thrown out of the window in 2015/16. So what if we throw the rulebook for drinks out with it too?

Challenged by thebar, we put our heads together to come up with a list of football cocktails and cocktail footballers. What would a cocktail menu of footballers look like, and if you were looking to make one at home what would it consist of?

Challenge accepted. Here are 7 football cocktails for you to rustle up, chill and relax with in the company of your mates over the summer and beyond…

Football Cocktail recipes: If footballers were cocktails…

1) LVG’s Red Devils


50 ml. x Vodka
50 ml. x Gin
100 ml. x Orange juice
1 x Cucumber slice
50 ml. x Lemonade
50 ml. x Tonic water

Much like Louis van Gaal’s own team, the ingredients work well on their own but it’s unpredictable if you mix them together in the wrong order. Sturdy but no guaranteed sparkle.

2) The Gunner Bomb


Baileys Irish Cream
Candy Cane

It’s great up until Christmas and gets everyone excited, but a tad disappointing in the New Year and after.

3) The Messi


35 ml x Vodka
10 ml x Grand Marnier
10 ml x Lime juice
45 ml x Cranberry juice
Cane sugar
Grape juice

Most would call it an Argentine twist on the best cocktail in the world.

4) The Ronaldo


50 ml x Rum
100 ml x Soda water
7 leaves x Fresh mint
15 ml x Lime juice
Pear juice

But some would call this the best cocktail in the world – with a Portuguese twist.


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5) The Rooney


1 x Lime slice
Blackcurrant cordial

Expensive, with a mix of traditional and more humble ingredients. England’s answer to the world’s best cocktails. There are newer, perhaps fresher cocktails, but this one can still do a job every so often. Rich in taste.

6) El Pistolero


50 ml x Baileys Irish Cream
25 ml x Smirnoff Vodka
25 ml x Espresso
3 x Coffee beans

Somehow manages to be smooth, full of energy and has a little bite…

7) The Dirty Diego


Ginger beer
Chilli powder

It’s a bit Spanish, a bit Brazilian and it’s got one hell of a fiery temper.

If you make any of these tweet us a pic or a video of the finished article @JustFootball, or tag us @JustFootball on Instagram. Or if you’d prefer a more traditional cocktail the guys at thebar have a selection of far more sensible variations. Remember, drink responsibly people!

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