New Olympique Lyonnais Third Kit 2012-13

Lyon 3rd kit 2012-13

The new Olympic Lyonnais third kit for the 2012-13 season is quite literally groundbreaking. Adidas have pioneered a highly original and innovative design that honours two of Lyon’s finest sons. This shirt has been worn in the Europa League this season and with the aid of a pair of special 3D glasses shown below, several elements of the shirt including the club’s logo will portray a sharp 3D effect.

Video OL3D

The shirt is dedicated to the Lumière brothers who have contributed heavily to the modernity and the development of cinema over the years. A dedication to the brothers appears in the inside of the collar. The shirt is black with a faded white V pattern across the chest of the shirt that runs through the embossed club crest.  Subtle reds and blues are blended into this white V pattern with the letters “OL” appearing boldly in the middle of the pattern.  The shirt is rounded off with the Adidas 3 stripes appearing in white on the shoulders and the Adidas insignia in white on the right breast. There is a thin red trim at the bottom of the sleeves and bordering the v-neck collar. Veolia Environment sponsor this kit, however, much of the marketing ahead of the release of the kit did not bear the sponsor in order to emphasise the detail that Adidas invested in the design.

I absolutely love what Adidas have done here with this kit. They have made a fantastic ceremony of two legends of Lyon that have made a massive impact in the cinematic world over the ages. The design is highly fashionable and original and has a unique meaning to the people of the city and fans of the club. Personally, I wish that this kit was commissioned as the away kit rather than the third kit, it quite simply needs to make more appearances this season.

I would give this kit a high scoring 8.7/10. An absolutely stunning effort.

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