New Arsenal Away Kit 2012-13

Arsenal Away Shirt 2012-2013

Purple Reign is upon us. Bold, brave and brilliant, we have the new Arsenal away kit for the 2012-2013 season.

This away shirt, more than any other I have seen in recent years has really entered the world stage with the intention of creating a vibrant identity for the club this season. The shirt reinforces the fluidity of Arsenal’s football that we have seen over the years as well as the general youthfulness of the squad. Everywhere you look in The Armoury, Arsenal’s club shop, Purple is emblazoned in different corners. There is a wide range of merchandise supporting the away shirt and the staff are proudly donning the colour too.

The shirt itself has a combination of purple and charcoal coloured hoops. This motif appears thinner on the sleeves, however, purple is firmly the dominant colour. The sleeve trim at the bottom is a bright red, as if to signify a fusion of danger with this new-founded boldness. The round neck top carries a neat black trim. Nike have used groundbreaking techniques to make the shirt using recycled polyester making the shirt the most environmentally friendly they have ever produced. Small ventilation holes designed for the players comfort also appear on the sides of the shirt.

I have to say, this is my favourite shirt of the season so far. Not only is the shirt so striking, but you have to admire how Nike have almost created a new identity this season for Arsenal. The combination with red numbers (for the Champions League competition) surprisingly works well to boot.

My rating is a leading 8.9/10.

What do you think? Do you think this invention complements Arsenal’s new home shirt? Do you think Arsenal could achieve eagerly awaited success in this shirt? Leave your comments below or share your opinions on Facebook or Twitter.

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