Just Desserts #7

We’re back with another of our irregular doses of excellent football reading material to be found elsewhere around the interwebs. The following come highly recommended:

1) YOU MUST READ THIS PIECE by the magnificent Tim Vickery, who picks up a bat, finds a ball, takes that ball and smashes it out of the park with this brilliant piece on FIFA and certain quarters’ hypocritical reaction to the ongoing scandals at FIFA. Yes, oranges are indeed not the only kind of fruit and corruption is not the only kind of crime. A truly brilliant piece for Sports Illustrated.

2) Graham Hunter writes on the common approach to football and fierce winning mentality shared by Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola.

3) Brian Phillips offers his thoughts on the Champions League final over at The Run of Play.

4) Rocco Cammisola on the tragic story of Lazio’s Luciano Re Cecconi.

5) Football Further’s five tactical observations of the season.

6) Sports Illustrated (for my money rapidly overtaking The Guardian as the best mainstream football website) profiles ten players likely to be on the move in the Bundesliga this summer.

7) Inside the mind of Owen Hargreaves.

That’s your lot for now. Go on then…get!

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