Football on the moon


My season ticket just went up
And Blatter’s on the moon.
£250 for the European Cup
and Blatter’s on the moon.

My best friends had to give it up
The FA’s on the moon.
Loftus Road you’re charging what?
The FA’s on the moon.

No trophies for years but here, pay more!
The FA’s on the moon.
No standing or you’re out the door.
The FA’s on the moon.

Wimbledon? Never heard of them,
The FA’s on the moon.
Chester, Portsmouth, Luton Town,
The FA’s on the moon.

Match-fixing, racism, homophobia
And FIFA’s on the moon.
€8000 for monkey chants
is FIFA on the moon?
25,000 seats reserved
for the football family.
Please tell me what kind of family,
Won’t allow its kids to eat?

I can’t afford to go no more,
Leveraged buyouts pushed me out the door,
They’ll pay for it by charging more,
My replacement likes the megastore.

The new signing he sure earns a lot,
And agents fees done got me hot,
£28 booking fee, sure why not?
UEFA’s on the moon.

The man in Johannesburg is happy as hell,
handcrafted World Cup merchandise to sell,
with the Rand I make I can afford to feed Mel,
and my five kids living in this one-bedroom cell,
but FIFA have got a story to tell,
it’s called ‘ambush marketing’ – see you in jail.

This game is great, we love it so,
But FIFA’s on the moon.
A one-man election, where to go?
FIFA is on the moon.

It’s enough to make you fume,
‘cos FIFA’s on the moon.
Ticket prices rise sky high,
While FIFA’s on the moon.
‘Pay out or stay out!’ We are told
while FIFA’s on the moon.
Maybe we’ll all stop going soon.

Football is on the moon.

This poem is inspired by the work of Gil Scott Heron, who sadly passed away last weekend.

2 Responses to “Football on the moon”

  1. Darren
    June 7, 2011 at 6:06 am #

    Very good and god bless Gil


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